Benjamin Bor by Benjamin Bor September 25, 2018

Ok, now you have it. Probably the most exciting gadget for creating amazing videos and to film your adventures wherever you go. But the preparation of the journey doesn’t stop right there. You’re done with the biggest investment, but to personalize it and protect your tool you’ll need a bunch of accessories to really put the cherry on top!

You have to figure it out, where do you want to put it, how do you want to protect it, in what situations do you want to use it and the list goes on and on. A bit overwhelming, right? No worries, this article is here to give you directions, to help you put together the list, and to help separate must have from hype.

Storing your tool:

Let’s start with the basics, where to put it to keep it safe and transportable. There are several bags, backpacks exclusively for action cameras and for its accessories. Not easy to pick. The main thing is how much you want to carry around, and the safe and easy transport.

The GoPro Seeker Sportpack seems to be an easy and convenient choice. You can carry around your whole mini studio with some extras, it’s lightweight, weather resistant and comes with a removable chest mount and adjustable shoulder mount.

Of course, it’s just one from the million, we suggest to collect the important criteria before you pick the one!

 Protection and stability:

So, now you have something to put it in, but what do you want to put in it? Just to be safe, you will need a case for the action camera itself, you want to protect it while using from the weather and from your not always stable hands. And here we are at the stability, the previous conclusion also counts for the picture: your hand is not stable enough. You’ll need a stabilizer to be able to create really good quality videos, and also a tripod or camera extender.


Depends on the situations you want to use your action camera for, you probably need a mount. You can wander around in nature, you need your hands but you want to chronicle your trip. Your love for the water takes you back to the sea with the intention of filming and sharing your wawes. So many reasons, so many opportunities.

Head mount, surfboard mount, suction cup ...etc. All made for being able to place it right.


 Sound perfection:

And what if the perfect placing and picture are not enough? Let’s not forget about the sound. There can be windy weather or crazy-noisy neighborhood where you need the gadget to provide the clear and good sound quality for your video. In these cases, there are plenty of choices. WindSlayer against the disturbing windy weather or you can choose the good old microphone(don’t forget to buy the adapter tough).

Other accessories:

Now you’re able to create perfection, you just need to be able to store it and edit it. We all know that sometimes the last steps are to most crucial in creating. There is plenty of video editing software out there, you just need to know what functions are important for you to have. Anti-Fog Inserts against humidity, lens cleaner, filters are must in your travel bag as well.

The base of your shopping list is ready, research a bit and go. Create, and make the most of it.