Benjamin Bor by Benjamin Bor October 08, 2018

Once upon a time, there was a traveler with an amazing action camera. The formula is simple, that is how great pictures and footages are born. But first of allour hero has to decide where to go and what to capture.

When it’s decided, it’s time to pack but this is when a great problem rises. Where to putour hero's most important tool, the camera. Let’s check out the possible outcomes.

Our Hero goes to the mountains

Let’s assume it’s decided where and that is also decided that both videos and photos are getting created. Every worthwhile character needs a good backpack with a camera mount. The GoPro Seeker Sportpack offers mountability to the chest and also to the shoulder. With a Backpack Clip, every bag can carry the camera. With a Head mount, the point of view gains new meaning, and let’s not forget about the Handgrip which is a simple and safe choice as well. To be able to tell his/her story in an enjoyable way a Gimbal always has to be onour hero's list to bring.
Good photos need good placement and good placement needs a good holder. Tripods, including Gorilla Pod, loved and frequently used among our hero's community.

Seeking for new adventures

We made it this far in our story to mention the best friend, the Sancho Panza the ultimate partner in crime,our hero's dog. In this partnership, everyone’s perspective counts, so they will need a Fetch.

Together they ride a cool car, so when they in, a Suction Cup is out. When they use their bike to explore, Zipmount is ready to hold the camera.