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Just you and your camera – Do I need a GoPro Chest Mount Harness?

Just you and your camera – Do I need a GoPro Chest Mount Harness?

In some situation in life you don’t need anything else – just you and your camera. Like when you’re skiing or skateboarding, or when you want to use both hands for biking. The GoPro Chest Mount Harness accessory is a pretty nifty device to attach your camera to your body without having to hold anything else. Sounds good right?

But not everyone needs a Chesty. Let’s see what are the pros and cons, and what the best way to use it.


Easy to start a video

Because it’s so close to your arms, it couldn’t be easier to start or stop a video, or modify anything you want. You don’t need to stop your bike, your car or your plane… to modify any settings, because it’s on your body.

Leaves your hands free

You can jump around, run or tumble with both hands free. Because the Chesty is perfectly attachable to your body, you don’t need to use your hands to hold your camera.

Fits everyone

“What if I’m 6ft tall and 250 lbs? Does it fit me?” You’re in luck’s way – the Chesty is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of adult sizes, and even KIDS! Thanks to the Junior Chesty, there’s no reason to leave your kids home (or worse… without a camera) from a fun skiing or mountain biking.


More wind noise

One of the issues with this super comfortable tool is that it’s close to your clothes, and takes up a lot from external noises like the wind. So if you plan to use it with high speed or at a windy place, the video could be pretty noisy and need some editing at the end.

Hard to aim it behind you

The Chesty doesn’t help at all when turning. Basically, you have to turn your whole body if you want to capture what’s behind you. And it can be extremely hard or almost impossible in some situations. Who wants to stop and turn the whole tool into the right direction?

Not for sideway-facing activities

…like snowboarding or skateboarding. When your body turns sideway, the only thing you’ll capture is …well, the sideway. No offense, in some cases, the sideway can be really important, but in most cases it isn’t what you want to see in your video.

“So, do I need a Chesty or something else?” It depends. If you plan to shoot forward, and might want to use your hands, it’s perfect for you. If you snowboard or skateboard, or want to turn around to show the whole picture, you might want something else… like a Sybrillo? It’s coming soon on Kickstarter. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter to get all info you need.

Do you have any experiences with The Chesty? Share it in the comments!

5 tools for rockstar photos and videos in 2016

5 tools for rockstar photos and videos in 2016

Do you want to start 2016 with all the tools you need for rockstar photos and videos? There are countless gadgets out there for amatuer and professional photographers, but what are the 5 most essential tools? Here’s your checklist for the year:

A drone

You’re camera’s flying! 2016 is going to be the ‘year of drones’ in photography for sure. The best drones have stablized camera, ultrasonic sensors and remote-controlled buttons. Here’s a great online training to learn Aerial Photography and Videography Basics.

A GoPro

If you buy one action camera this year, we’d recommend the GoPro Hero 4 with amazing image quality. Should it be Silver or Black? It depends on what’s more important for you: speed and resolution or comfort? The Black model is faster and has a higher resolution, but the Silver has a built-in touch display that makes it more comfortable to use. Set yourself a New Year’s goal, and win one of GoPro’s weekly cash awards.


A stabilizer

Even if you shoot with a GoPro, your photo or video can be shaky if you don’t use a stabilizer. Stabilized cameras help you shoot videos that are so much more enjoyable for you and your audience. Here’s a video on how to use hand-held stabilizers.


A bundle

You can direct your very own action films with bundles. Before you buy a bundle, make sure it is compatible and attaches directly with your camera. It should also be waterproof if you’re using it for surfing or snowboarding.


A photo backpack

The latest photo backpacks have every kind of cool features. Make sure that your drone and all your accesories fit in the backpack. Shock resistance and protection are also nice features to have. The best quality backpacks also include a fold-out protector which creates a barrier between the wet outside and dry inside of your bag.

To start the new year, we decided to run a giveaway campaign, where you can win all these items!

Check out the details of the campaign, and GOOD LUCK! Make sure you invite your friends, so you can earn EXTRA entries!

Are you ready for a steady future?



Call for our first 30 Sybrillo Legend users…

Call for our first 30 Sybrillo Legend users…

If you have been with us, following our updates, you know that we have been teasing the prospect of a Kickstarter campaign for a while now. This post is here to tell you that the teasing and waiting is almost over. We will also share with you some behind the scene pics.

YES! We only have a month to go folks and then we will hit you with an awesome KS campaign, with awesome rewards and perks.


We are looking for 30 volunteers to beta test our campaign site and to give us honest feedback about it. This gives you the chance to peek behind the scenes and be part of the development process. This will also mean special perks for you in the future, as now you will be part of the Sybrillo Impact Circle – the details of which we are still working out, however we want to show you our gratitude with more than a Special Thank you! Please fill out >> THIS FORM << and we will be in touch with you shortly.


We have our newest, shiniest Sybrillo protos ready. David had to go on a tour de Europe to get all the parts together to assemble on time for the video shoot. You can see some pics of our Kickstarter campaign video shoot.