Do you send out test models to influencers?

We are still currently working on some improvements on our models and the production has not yet begun. We will be sending out test models to our backers first, however, we are looking to have Sybrillo ready to be tested by anyone interested by March 2017.In case you are interested in this opportunity, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through, and we’ll figure out a possible collaboration together!

How does Sybrillo differ to any other gimbals on the market?

This is the first smart GoPro stabilizer, that does not only give users the perfect image stability, but is also remote controlled! You can shoot spherical photos or exciting time lapse videos by pushing a single button on your smartphone. The Sybrillo app lets you plan your movements beforehand and become one with your camera while making sure the usability is as easy as possible. Sybrillo will help you become a professional videographer without any education or previous knowledge!

Does it only work with GoPro?

Yes, at the moment, Sybrillo only have mounts for existing GoPro cameras. However, apart from making sure that we will be up to date with the upcoming GoPro versions, we are also planning to expand our possibilities to other action cameras and smartphones! Keep an eye on us to find out first handed what the future holds!

Can you only use Sybrillo with the app?

Sybrillo knows all the stabilization functions that other stabilizers do. The stabilization and some other functions will, therefore, work on their own, but remote controlling and programming does require the applications. We are planning to launch a remote control smart handle for Sybrillo so that you will be able to fully enjoy it’s possibilities even without the application.

Is it waterproof? Will it hold up to salt water?

Sybrillo is waterproof without needing any hydro gear, even in salt water. It can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. There would be no point in exceeding this even deeper down as, due to the high pressure, Sybrillo wouldn’t be able to move an inch.

Are you planning to expand Sybrillo to even heavier camera types?

The Sybrillo product range is under development. We have some plans and ideas for stabilizing heavier cameras as well.

Can you charge your GoPro through Sybrillo?

You can connect your GoPro to the Sybrillo’s battery though the mounting.This way it will be possible to shoot even longer time lapse videos without regularly having to charge your camera often.

When will you be shipping? And how much does it cost?

We will ship in 2017 Q1, without delays. Our LEGEND users will receive their Sybrillos until the end of 2016. Sybrillos will be shipped to anywhere in the world, and the shipping price is.

How do you plan to address the change in camera size/shape/weight as time progresses and GP comes out with new models?

The dimensions of the GoPro mounting haven’t changed so far. Moreover, the QR mounts on Sybrillo are easily changeable and replaceable so in case these unlikely changes happen, users can easily get new mounts that allows them to use their newest modules. Under no circumstances will customers be forced to buy a new Sybrillo.

Is it possible to lock single axes?

Yes, it is. You can set the axes movements and the angles on the Sybrillo app.