What is Sybrillo and how differ from any other gimbals on the market?

This is the first smart GoPro stabilizer, which not only stabilizes the images of the video, but allows you to control its movement as well. For example, you can make a spherical photo in public or outdoors with a single button on your smartphone.

Sybrillo has the same features as other gimbals, but it offers much more, such as:

- Remote control
- Compatibility with all of the GoPro accessories
- Easy to mount
- Easy and convenient to use
- Smartphone application
- Motion timelapse
- VR control
- Motion control

Does Sybrillo only work with GoPro?

You can attach all brands of cameras to Sybrillo, which have the same mount as the GoPro. However, please note that Sybrillo is optimized for GoPro. Therefore, there's no guarantee that it’ll work properly with other brands. Balance and compatibility issues might occur. We are currently testing other brands like Xiaoyi Yi, SJCAM, Rollei, Pictec, DBPOWER, APEMAN, AKASO, Icefox, Amir, Campark, VicTsing and so on…

Where can I pre-order a Sybrillo?

If you’re looking to pre-order a Sybrillo, you are in the perfect place! Visit our Sybrillo product page

Where are you shipping to? How much does it cost?

Sybrillos can be shipped to anywhere in the world by Fedex and shipping is completely FREE of charge.

When will Sybrillo be shipped?

The estimated shipping date is 2018. (Exact date to be announced)

Do you send out test models for influencers?

We’ll be sending out test models to our backers first. However, we’re looking to have Sybrillos ready to be tested by anyone who’s interested later this year.

How much does a Sybrillo weight?

Sybrillo's weight is 450 g (1 lbs) with GoPro and its dimensions are 85x125x150 mm (3.5×4.9×5.9 in) in folded position and 105x125x150 mm (4.1×4.9×5.9 in) during operation.

How does Sybrillo perform in cold or hot temperatures?

Sybrillo has a system for temperature compensation, so you can use it in low and high temperatures as well.

How long does the battery last?

Our test versions run 3 hours on a single charge. We continue to optimize the electronics and firmware to lengthen battery life.

Can I choose the color of my Sybrillo?

Sybrillo is currently available only in black.

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