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Recording biking is one thing. Filming your adventure is another.

When I take shots of riders, I want the footage super stabilized so they look clean and mean, and for this you need a good gimbal.

Jack, 25
  • For those who
    And vlog.
    And influence.

  • I wanted to show my followers the city too, not just the festival and I panoramad everything, from left to right, from shoe to sky!

    Olive, 21
  • What I can make

    Smart app

    The app is my workstation,
    The World is my studio

  • With the Sybrillo smartphone app, advanced features such as motion control and pre-programming camera movement can be used.

  • An essential companion for adventuring photographers.

  • I hiked up Rams Head to make a starry night timelapse of the clearest sky in Australia.

    Ian, 36