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The most versatileGoPro accessoryever made

The most versatile
GoPro accessory
ever made

Shipping in June 2017


Meet Sybrillo

The smartest, most versatile GoPro accessory that brings you the ability to produce professional cinematography like you’ve always envisioned.

Professional video-making

With Sybrillo, we offer the experience, quality and gears of professional video-making for an affordable price! We will give you all the features you needed in a gear - even the ones you haven’t dared to dream of!
Professional video-making

With Sybrillo you can

Get perfect image stability. Create complex camera movements simply by using Sybrillo’s smartphone app. Become one with the camera when using our VR headset. Take spherical photos with a single camera, just like Google cars.
With Sybrillo you can
  • Compatibility


    Are you a maniac collector of GoPro accessories? Sybrillo lets you use all of them! Mount Sybrillo, the world’s smartest GoPro accessory, with any accessory and l let your creativity flow.

  • Compatibility


    On Sybrillo’s base you’ll find three GoPro-compatible mounts for your chesty, grip or pole. Also, you can also use three suction cups at a time. As well, Sybrillo features a ¼-inch tripod mount.

  • Compatibility


    With Sybrillo, you also receive a ¼-inch tripod-to-GoPro connector. Shoot videos from heights and depths you never have before.



  • Remote control

    Controlling your camera from your phone gives you freedom from having to hold or controll it manually.
  • Stabilizer

    Sybrillo lets your camera rotate infinitely. No wires, no hanging cables, no limits. Capture breathtaking videos like never before!
  • Waterproof

    Sybrillo can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.
  • Motion control

    Have you ever tried recording difficult tricks? Plan your camera’s movements long before you shoot the video.


3-axis stabilizer with endless rolling on all three axis! Sybrillo lets your camera rotate infinitely. No wires, no hanging cables, no limits. With 4 different tabilizater modes, Sybrillo will serve you in any situation, to get the best shots possible!
Remote Control
We designed Sybrillo as a compact and easy-to-use mount, whether surfing, cycling or hitting the slopes with friends. Using the Sybrillo app, you can reorient, change settings and start recording from up to 20 meters (65 feet) away.
Motion Control
With Sybrillo’s intuitive app, you don’t even need programming skills! Create the sequence with the app and hit Action! The results will enrich your videos with stunning camera movements!
It doesn’t matter whether you jet ski, snorkel, surf or swim, Sybrillo is waterproof, without needing any hydrogear. Sybrillo is ready to accompany you on your adventures wherever you'll go.
VR Control
Become one with the camera by using our real time VR mode! Put your smartphone in a VR headset or Google cardboard and Sybrillo will follow your every move, recording with your GoPro wherever you turn.
Motion Timelapse
You simply have to find your mark, frame your subject and create the sequence. Then determine the program length, angle, and camera-rotation range, and hit the Action button!